About SMS Strata


SMS Strata have specialised in providing solutions in strata management for residential, commercial, and industrial properties for the past ten years, and are centrally located in the Parramatta CBD.


At SMS Strata we are licensed Strata Managing Agents and are members of the industry organisation Strata Community Australia (NSW).


Our portfolio of properties comprises units, townhouses and villas, and a significant number of mixed use complexes. The properties under management are located in the Sydney area and the Central Coast of New South Wales.


Our friendly staff at SMS Strata have many years of experience in the Real Estate and Strata industry which benefits every owner in a strata property. Our aim at SMS Strata is to ensure that any property managed by us is competently cared for and the finances professionally managed.


We have a pro-active approach to Strata property management and listen to and communicate with owners and their executive committees. Your strata property is a valuable asset, and you need to have confidence that the people who are looking after it have your best interests in mind.


We at SMS Strata can provide you with that confidence.



Why choose us?

  • We offer various levels of service to suit your property, including competitive prices for insurances, repairs and maintenance, and administration.


  • We can negotiate fixed price contracts for management fees and disbursements.


  • Our qualified staff have many years experience in financial administration and property management.


  • We believe in developing long term relationships with building owners, developers, and industry professionals.

  • We have sourced reliable and qualified trades persons for your property maintenance and continuously evaluate the quality of any work done on a regular basis to ensure it remains of the highest of standards.


  • We regularly inspect and visit the properties under our management.


  • We are experienced and specialise in stratum developments.