Residential Strata


SMS Strata provides solutions in strata management for residential properties including town houses, villas, and units both low and high-rise.


We are currently managing properties from as small as 2 lots to as large as 110 lots, and can provide a management solution to suit the individual needs of your strata plan.


No strata plan is too small or too large for us.


Commercial Strata


SMS Strata provides strata management solutions for office buildings and mixed use stratum developments comprising commercial offices, retail shops, and residential units.


We specialise in providing design solutions by advising in pre-planning, set-up, and management of Stratum sub-divisions involving:


  • Strata Management Statements
  • Building Management Statements
  • Building Management Committees
  • Shared Facilities Costings


Some of these developments are complex and it is important to obtain the right professional advice.


Industrial Strata


SMS Strata provides solutions in strata management for industrial factory units and warehouses of varying sizes in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.


SMS Strata can assist owners to comply with the By-Laws and Regulations applicable to Industrial properties.


We offer our services to developers of new complexes, owners with existing managing agents, and owners of self managed properties.